“Her tour was fantastic; she brings a scholarly and passionate approach that is inspiring, and I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of religion.”  Samantha Sackin, TakingOnTheWorld.net

Spain reveals itself slowly – especially when it comes to its Jewish history, a complex subject deeply embedded in the national culture and psyche. I came to Spain as an independent food historian in search of my Sephardic gastronomic heritage, and quickly realized the task would be meaningless without considering the whole of Judeo Spanish experience. In my desire to fully understand the food & culture I was raised with and its strange kinship with what I found in my ancestral home, I discovered the keys to understanding in long forgotten facts and the subtler details of history, politics and society. Each culture helps to explain the other in ways I hadn’t imagined when I first set out on this journey.

With so many details of Judeo Spanish history yet to be recovered or understood, my ancestral home remains endlessly fascinating, and my investigation an endless project.

I invite you to learn with me. Guided walks through medieval Jewish neighborhoods, tastings, and cooking workshops will deepen your appreciation for Spain and Catalonia, the Sephardim, and the extraordinary history that lives in a rich and beautiful heritage.

For current program descriptions and details, leave your request in the comment box below. (Form submissions remain private).

“You are a gracious and knowledgeable hostess and your wealth of information is remarkable.” Rhonda & Susie, Massachusetts

“Just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic tour of Barcelona’s Jewish quarter and the great education – history, food, culture, and the people! It really was fantastic. Kathy remarked throughout our visit to Spain about your knowledge, your ability to impart the information, and how you integrated all of the information into a solid, coherent story. You did a great job.” – Ed & Kathy, Washington DC

“We had a wonderful time.  I think that our walk was the highlight of our trip.  We enjoyed your company as well as the in-depth information.” – Diane & Philip, New York

“We had an unforgettable experience.  We are forever grateful.  A million thanks.”  – Sherrill, Ilse and Zoe, New York

“Everyone so enjoyed the afternoon.  It was such a pleasure to meet you and be engrossed by your every word.” – Joseph Lovett, New York

“I wanted to thank you for today’s tour. It was really amazing!” – Jennifer, Toronto


7 responses to “WALKS & WORKSHOPS

  1. Larry Bensignor

    What a delightful blog! Were you related to Albert and Bekita Amateau, who moved to California fom NY probably in the 50s?

  2. Laurie Semo

    I am interested in reading about your experiences in Spain, if that is possible. We have been to many ‘nooks and crannies’ of Spain looking for remnants of the Jews. It is always fascinating. Thank you, Laurie Semo

  3. Shari

    would love to read about your experiences. I wish I found this site before my visits to Spain. I think I will have to wait awhile to return 😦

  4. I enjoyed reading your ppost

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