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Berenjenitas en dulce

Moroccan Candied Baby Eggplant Notes: The recipe takes anywhere from 6 to 9 hours to prepare; if you’re a fan of slow foods, this one’s for you. This recipe is by Liticia Benatar (born in Casablanca, living today in Caracas) and comes from Dulce lo vivas/ … Continue reading


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Candied Baby Eggplant / Berenjenitas en Dulce

Dear Janet, In Morrocco, 50s and 60s, I used to eat a Sefardi dessert I never found in any kosher or Sefardi cookery book… small aubergines or berenjenas en dulce. Maybe with honey or syrup.  La Senora Amalia was keeping this … Continue reading


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Introducing Sephardic Sweets

Cooked sweets – purees, compotes, marmalades, pastes, hard candies and whole preserves – are an important component of the Sephardic culinary tradition and social custom.  Whole fresh and dried fruits, citrus peel, flower petals, seeds, nuts and even vegetables are transformed into confections of various textures, … Continue reading


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