Coming soon…

Reshas (biscochos)

Reshikas (biscochos)

A household of one has to go slowly testing baked goods!

As this half-full jar (or is it half empty?) implies, I’ve been baking – and eating. This is my latest test batch of biscochos, and I’m getting very close to a recipe I really like, i.e. with the flavor and texture of my great grandma’s. I aim to get there, but I’m pacing myself – biscochos are so good, even a mediocre recipe is irresistible.

Stay tuned!



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6 responses to “Coming soon…

  1. The biscochos look irresitible, thanks for sharing Janet. Alex Dz

  2. Ana

    bisquitos in Portuguese are addictive

  3. Eagerly waiting for the recipe. Can’t wait to make this cookie I love so much.

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